Friday, January 29, 2016

New ALTO Aviation Series tributes Audio Engineering pioneers.

A new series that will explore and tribute those who revolutionized the world of sound and made history by challenging acoustic theories. Our first blog will be dedicated to The Wall of Sound. The Grateful Dead and the genius idea of placing the PA behind the band. Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

NBAA Regional Forum at West Palm Beach

ALTO Aviation team, Steve Scarlata, VP of Engineering, 
Kevin Hayes, VP of Sales & Marketing & Steve Lord, Sr. Sales Technical Manager, 
enjoy the rainy day at NBAA Regional Forum at West Palm Beach.

Cristina Scarlata, Director of Marketing & Communications
at ALTO Aviation, ready to get on board of the amazing Gulfstream 650. 
Great show!

Friday, January 22, 2016

ALTO Aviation introduces 2016 Cabin Audio & Entertainment Upgrade Programs

Premium Cabin Audio & Entertainment Systems for Business Aviation

In our constant commitment to offer only the most amazing cabin audio and entertainment systems, ALTO Aviation offers upgrade entertainment solutions for all aircraft. Even those aircraft with obsolete CMS or non existing IFE, can benefit of the superior ALTO Sound.

ALTO Aviation (‪#‎ALTOaviation1‬), the premier supplier of cabin audio and entertainment systems for business aviation, introduces the 2016 Cabin Audio & Entertainment UPGRADE PROGRAMS, the most cost-efficient, fast and easy way to enjoy an amazing cabin listening experience for the VIP and every passenger in the cabin and will increase the value of the aircraft.

It's time for ALTO Sound in your cabin

At ALTO Aviation we are committed to exceed your expectations in cabin audio and entertainment. The beginning of the year is a great time to consider upgrading the audio experience in your cabin, providing with a first row, center stage, powerful sound experience at 40,000 ft.

GULFSTREAM Digital Audio Upgrade Program


ALTO Aviation is the OEM provider to Gulfstream for analog AC amplifiers on the former G-IV’s and G-V’s and the current G450’s and the G550’s. These amplifiers are combined with non-ALTO Aviation speakers. These aircraft serial numbers include:

G-IV: SN’s 1464 or higher
G-V: SN’s 635 or higher
G450: SN’s 4002 or higher
G550: SN’s 5002 or higher

ALTO offers a complete upgrade solution, easily updating the analog amplifier to the latest in digital technology along with matched ALTO speakers.

Sound Quality: Outstanding improvement for the VIP and all passengers in the cabin.
Fast & Easy Installation: No PSU rework. Retain mounting and wiring provisions.
Compatible: with any CMS / IFE upgrades
10 Year Warranty: on Speaker Enclosures.
EQ Tuning: Custom tuned in your cabin by an ALTO Acoustic Engineer.
Investment: Increase the value of your asset.

The most powerful listening experience in the cabin will make a whole difference. Please call us at 800-814-0123 or email us at to request a quote or just to discuss the audio and upgrade possibilities for your cabin. Our sales specialists, Kevin Hayes and Steve Lord, will be glad to assist you with your cabin needs. More than 2,000 cabin audio systems fly our skies today. Let us welcome your aircraft to the ALTO Sound.