Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Audio Designed with your Aircraft in Mind

ALTO Aviation
Audio designed with your Aircraft in Mind.
An aircraft cabin at flight level is a particularly harsh environment with regard to audio quality and consistency. Each aircraft has unique acoustic characteristics and traditionally, audio quality is diminished as soon as it leaves the head unit, regardless of hardware quality.
Years ago, ALTO Aviation acoustic engineers revolutionized aircraft cabin audio by developing a way to acoustically map each specific model of aircraft and pair it with the unique needs and expectations of each listener. ALTO developed new speakers that ended the era of heavy, space limited speakers placed haphazardly around the cabin.
When it comes to deliver state of the art audio at 40,000 feet, ALTO Aviation leaves nothing to chance or assumption. Our proprietary software produces an acoustic model that allows our engineers to predict the interaction between all the audio components and overcome the challenging acoustics of the aircraft interior. The end result is a powerful, amazing audio experience.
Understanding every aspect of the demanding conditions that exist within the cabin of today's most sophisticated aircraft, is what has set ALTO Aviation apart. Our premium in-flight entertainment equipment including speakers, amplifiers, and passenger controls, are engineered specifically for business aircraft cabin applications.
We also understand that space is at a premium within your cabin. Our complete line of amplifiers and state of the art drivers, utilizing rare Earth magnets, deliver unrivaled sound quality with greatly reduced weight and size.
The sum of innovative cabin acoustic mapping and the highest quality components, equal a completely custom audio environment with performance rivaling even the best home entertainment systems.

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