Thursday, February 18, 2016

ALTO Aviation completes installation & onsite tuning in outstanding BBJ 737 aircraft

ALTO Aviation audio systems engineers just completed the audio/PA system installation and tuning in a BBJ 737 in Maryland, USA.

This system has 6 zones of outstanding audio. The Master Bedroom features digital surround sound with an extended zone for the Master Bathroom.

The Forward and Aft lounge is the highlight of the system with 4 powerful subwoofers distributed throughout the cabin. Each seat enjoys full surround sound with special sound focus being given to the “throne” positioned front and center.

A Buffet area zone has a pair of speakers for background listening, and a Recreation / Guest Room has forward and aft facing surround speakers to support the twin monitors for a great video experience.
And when it’s time to fasten your seat belts, the ALTO PA option insures that a melodic Ding Dong, and captain's announcement is heard clearly throughout the cabin. 

For more information on ALTO Aviation custom onsite tuning, please visit call 800.814.0123 or and an ALTO representative will gladly discuss the cabin audio possibilities for your cabin. ALTO Aviation: Premium Cabin Audio & Entertainment systems for Business Aviation.

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