Wednesday, February 3, 2016

ALTO Aviation introduces New 2016 Gulfstream Cabin Audio & Entertainment Upgrade Programs.

ALTO Aviation ‪@ALTOaviation1‬, the premier supplier of custom cabin audio entertainment systems for business aviation, is pleased to announce the launching of the 2016 Gulfstream Cabin Audio & Entertainment Upgrade Programs, specifically designed to provide the business aviation Gulfstream retrofit / aftermarket aircraft with a fast, easy and cost-efficient way to upgrade their cabin audio system.

The result is revolutionary, achieving the most superb cabin audio performance, and ensuring a powerful audiophile listening experience for the VIP and every passenger in the cabin.

The Gulfstream Digital Audio Upgrade Program has been specifically designed for G-IV (SN’s 1464 or higher), G-V (SN’s 635 or higher), G450 (SN’s 4002 or higher) and G550 aircraft (SN’s 5002 or higher).

The current production aircraft installs ALTO analog amps and non-ALTO speakers. ALTO has a direct fit digital amp and direct fit speakers that allows easy upgrade to a full ALTO system. By implementing a new digital amp with EQ compensation, ALTO can customize the sound system to exactly match the characteristics of the cabin. The digital amp allows to fine tune the system to maximize the system performance. Little to no wiring changes are needed.

The Gulfstream-Bose® Replacement Upgrade Program is offered for G-IV (SN’s 1209 1405) and G-V (SN’s 501-603). The Bose systems in these cabins are obsolete and no longer serviceable, but now they can easily be upgraded with a high-performance cabin audio system. ALTO’s PSU midrange/high enclosure is 100% compatible with the former Bose® unit allowing no PSU modifications.

The Bose® upgrade program require new wiring harnesses to be installed in the aircraft. There are three replacement options.
1. - A complete replacement of the entire system.
2. - MH upgrade only.
3. – Subwoofer upgrade only.

For more information or to request a quote, please contact ALTO at or give us a call at 800.814.0123. We will be happy to discuss the cabin audio upgrade opportunities for your cabin.

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